Wild horse

To explore the last wild horses in the world

Do you want to live emotions in discovering where the last wild horses are? Join our Wild Horse Watching experiences with our expert equine ethologists and specialized guides.

In 2004 Animantia started up the Wild Horse Watching project with the first Mustang observations  in American reserves. Elena Bajona, an ethologist and applied equine behaviorist, together with Jason Buckingham, professional American cowboy and equine behaviorist trainer began to involve groups of people interested in watching the wild horses in Idaho, Montana and Colorado reserves.

Why study Wild Horses?

From all those activities, data was meticulously collected and studied by comparison with stable-bred horses.

Following this, Animantia Academy implemented a renewed teaching formula based uniquely on horses’ natural behavior, without confusing what is natural for man and not for the horse.

Based on this, the man-horse relationship has been redefined as natural 100%, and every training method refined (especially those solving behavioural problems).

Our Mission

The activities are aimed at researchers / students or equine enthusiasts. Our mission is to preserve the wild horses in the world and help people  understand their true nature.

Our professionals strongly believe that the observation and study of the true wild horses in their natural environment is a unique way to understand and learn their behavior as well as their emotional / social life.

Wild Horses in Italy

Project by Elena Bajona and Elena Gagliani

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All our activities are regularly held in Europe, USA, Canada, Namibia, Mongolia