Summer Academy

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The Summer Academy offers full immersion programs finalized to an innovative 360° horse management approach. 
Each course provides a conscious transformation on  an innovative horse management. It brings an in-depth knowledge of his natural life, free from human interference, allowing a profound understanding of who truly is and what is important for its well-being. We will alo travel to the United States to watch and study the legendary Mustangs and learn from them who they are and how they live.
MasterClass: a training course held on weekends.
AFTER EACH MEETING you can IMMEDIATELY APPLY the knowledge learned.
You will interact with your horse in a more SPONTANEOUS and CONSCIOUS way.
You will gain MORE CONFIDENCE in your abilities, MORE SELF-ESTEEM, and MORE CONSIDERATION from everyone.


  • Interpreting the horse’s COMMUNICATION MESSAGES. 
  • Understanding its behavior and MOOD. 
  • Knowing how to INTERACT CORRECTLY with the horse. 
  • Being aware of its species-specific needs and HEALTH STATE, and knowing how to act accordingly. 
  • Applying a more ETHOLOGICAL approach to the management of your horses (innovative equestrian facilities). 
  • Understanding the basics of EQUINE PSYCHOLOGY for your activities. 
  • How to select the BEST EXPERTS to rely on (veterinarians, farriers, trainers, etc.). 
  • Increased CONFIDENCE IN YOUR ABILITIES, self-esteem, and professional recognition. 
  • Problem-solving strategies. 

AND this is only the ICEBERG TIP of what we will do together…


ETHOLOGIST, EQUINE BEHAVIORIST/PSYCHOLOGIST, specialized in wild horses, ELENA BAJONA is an internationally recognized professional with a 360 broad focus on equine welfare.  

She received her education from the University of Davis (California) in Equine Science and Behavior, specializing in applied ethology and Equine therapeutic massage. She obtained certification from the Science and Conservation Center – Montana, USA for remote immunocontraception administration for wildlife, including wild horses 

She also specialized in behavioral and cognitive therapy for horses, with a deep understanding of psychotraumatology. Elena combines psychological and neurobiological aspects in horse care, integrating therapeutic approaches such as sensory psychotherapy, equine mindfulness, and compassion-focused therapy.  

She is a Reiki Practitioner of the Usui System of Natural Healing. 

Throughout her twenty and more years of experience, Elena has: 

  • Taught at the Academy Equine Dentistry in Idaho, USA. 
  • Been a professional partner of Jason Buckingham, the renowned cowboy who grew up alongside and on par with Ray Hunt. 
  • Launched the Wild Horse Safari in 2004, exploring untouched locations worldwide, open to researchers/students or wild horse enthusiasts. 
  • Participated in two documentaries dedicated to wild horses in the USA, directed by the BBC for Animal Planet (Wild Mustangs). 
  • Participated in a project dedicated to horses for MTV. 
  • Worked as an Equine Manager & Wildlife Conservationist at the largest sanctuary in the world dedicated to the protection and conservation of wild horses in America – Return to Freedom, California. 
  • Equine behavior/psychology. 
  • Well-being and management. 
  • Innovative equestrian facilities (design and project management). 
  • Personalized sessions to improve the relationship and interactions with horses. 
  • Horse rewilding. 
  • Wild horse management. 
  • Immunocontraception for wild horses. 
  • Owner and founder of ANIMANTIA (2002), an International Educational and Therapeutic Center entirely dedicated to the Spirit of the Horse . 
  • Creator and founder of IRON HORSE, protective equine equipment for horses – designed and manufactured in Italy. 
  • International consultant appointed by Boston Consulting Group, WATG and Wimberly Interiors for the development of innovative stables in Arab countries. 
  • Instructor and consultant collaborator at the Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure & Massage in Colorado, USA. 


Castagneto Carducci - TUSCANY
Castagneto Carducci - TUSCANY
One week in a typical country home immersed in the Tuscan countryside.
California - U.S.A.
California - U.S.A.
One week in the United States.


Our proposal is open to all those who wish to embark on a conscious growth journey without shortcuts.
All our initiatives are limited in number and provide a program’s customization according to the profile of the participants. 
Animantia also offers PERSONALIZED PROGRAMMS for individuals and groups and consultancy activities.
Consulting activities are based on three key objectives:
1.Personalized interventions in full harmony with the client
2.Immediately applicable results and tools
3.Maintain and consolidate achieved results

Understand your horse. Interact at the best with him.

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