Natural horse training: Elena Bajona teaching Big Mama to be a horse again

Communication & Compassion for a natural learning process

Do you need to train or re-educate your horse? Contact ur professional for a consultancy or an on-site intervention. 

Our training approach establishes a connection and a deep dialogue with the animal. We never apply a method. Instead, we give total freedom of expression that allows the horse to make choices and start its true natural learning process. No clicker and no positive/negative reinforcement. Instead, with complete respect for the horse at the essence of all activity, the horse’s emotional state, natural interaction and interspecific communication are evaluated.



Foals are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and weaned without any coercion.


Training is tailored to the horse and adjusted to their performance level. No methods are applied.


For horses with any management and performance problems, we apply a re-education approach that focuses on both a psychological and, if necessary, physical level relying on our medical team.

Jason Buckingham re-training a problem horse on pressures.
Jason Buckingham teaching horse compassion
Mister Big B learning with natural training