Natural horse training: Elena Bajona teaching Big Mama to be a horse again

Communication & Compassion for a natural learning process

Do you need to train or re-educate your horse? Contact ur professional fo a consultancy or an on site intervention. 

Our specialization and peculiarity in the first approach of training is to always establish a connection and a deep dialogue with the animal. We never apply a method, we just give a total freedom of expression that allows the horse to make choices and start its true natural learning process. No clicker, no positive/negative reinforcement but only activity that takes place with a total respect for the animal, evaluating, first of all, its emotional state, natural interaction and interspecific communication.



Carried out without any kind of coercion. Weaning is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Training is intended as an individual teaching applied to the different perfomance levels. No methods are applied.


For horses with any management and performance problems, we apply re-education approach which focuses on both a psychological and, if necessary, physical level relying on our medical team.

Jason Buckingham re-training a problem horse on pressures.
Jason Buckingham teaching horse compassion
Mister Big B learning with natural training