Besides 24/7 veterinary assistance we propose holistic equine rehabilitation therapies  based on the bioenergetic and behavior of the horse. All treatments for horses are surely non-invasive and readily accepted because they can stimulate the body’s natural recovery. We offer prompt psychological intervention as well.

Our specializations are:

Rehabilitation therapies for horses - Animantia

psychological evaluation and individually applied behavioral therapies. This work is based on a deep psychosomatic knowledge of the horse and the application of equine ethology studies which focuses on “interspecies” communication. Behavioral therapies solve bad training/management and character problems which will help speed up the process of all physical therapies we propose.

  • PHYSIOTHERAPYMassage therapy

Physiotherapy is the Equine Body Work for sport horses to prevent and treat repetitive muscle use problems, maintain physical condition, prevent muscle and ligament injuries, help injury recovery and improve overall performance. In addition, Myofascial Release Therapy aims to lengthen connective tissues and give positive stimulus to the horse’s neurological system through rigger point and stress point therapies, stretching and therapeutic and rehabilitation exercises.

  • SHIATZU – curative and preventive massage technique

    Astsu means “pressure”, which is done with the fingers (shi), hands, elbows and knees on specific points (tsubo) to balance the energy (ki) along the meridians. Our masseuses have developed a sensitivity to feel deep energy flow.


    Kinesiology is a discipline that combines modern techniques with ancient Chinese medicine. Tough muscle testing receives information regarding the individual’s imbalances (man or horse) and operates consequently an appropriate energy balance. It allows rearranging the body’s imbalances related to problems of the musculoskeletal structure, biochemistry and emotions.

  • ACUPUNTURE  – an ancient therapeutic method, part of the traditional Chinese medicine

    Thanks to the insertion of some needles into specific points of the body, acupuncture aims to restore the health and cause a desired healing effect. This technique is used in veterinary practices to treat functional problems such as paralysis, noninfectious inflammation (such as allergies), and pain.


    The stimulation that is usually conducted with needles in acupuncture is performed with fingertip pressure on the body points corresponding to each organ. It’s a technique that was developed in Japan and aims to rebalance the vital energy of the organism and help with eliminating psychophysical disorders.


A system of healing that restores the bodys balance by specific manipulation techniquea. This therapy not only can be used to avoid surgery, but it also enhances the body’s own defense and repair system, encouraging the body to heal naturally. Through specific manipulation of tissues, osteopath is able to trigger the self-healing processes of the body. In addition to being a valuable contribution and support in the treatment of many diseases, osteopathy also proves effective in the prevention and maintenance of health.


The application of red and near infra red light over injuries or lesions, to improve wound/soft tissue healing and give relief, for both acute and chronic pain. The positive effects of biological stimulation from the laser are well known. New technologies with high power lasers diodes have made possible therapeutic treatments of deep structures such as tendons, ligaments, muscles and bone diseases that can achieve optimal results due to the high power.


When required for corrective foot problems, treatment is prescribed, in collaboration, with the best farriers and equine veterinarians.


The application of magnetic fields (magnets), as an aid to maintaining health and assisting the natural healing system. As a result, pain is alleviated, especially in conditions suffering from a lack of circulation with a reduced supply of nutrition and oxygen.


Ancient curative therapy formed by PRANA (ancient Sanskrit) which means “breath of life” or “vital energy” and the word therapy. It re-creates or revitalizes the healing energy proper in every living being, as well as homeopathy, giving the body a chance to react to the disease, decreasing infections, irritations, and inflammation. This therapy helps the immune system to restore homeostasis.


          A technique that allows the capture of infrared radiation which is transformed into an image. Performing thermography on a horse means using the            most sophisticated technology and the most advanced analytical software to reveal even the smallest temperature difference on the animal’s body.