A valid contribution for the the equine rehabilitation

by Antonella Della Torre

Ayurvedic medicine means everything related to the Indian medical-philosophical system that deals with physical therapies and remedies for internal use.

It is essential to remember that everything is part of a cosmic intelligence, everything must be in harmony with nature that surrounds us and an important part of this balance is also given by the animals’ welfare.

In the limb recovery therapies, especially regarding the horse, we find a valid contribution in the ayurvedic medicine with the remedies applied locally (called treatments), performed with particular modalities such as herbal wraps (lepa) and herbalized oils (taila).

Great results are noted in distortive situations, edema of various kinds, contractures, tendon injuries and inflammatory states.

In the case of distorted trauma, for example, applying one or two daily treatments with medicated taila, after only four/six days the limb has a clear recovery, edema is reabsorbed and recovery of joint mobility exceeds 40%.

This is just a small example of how Ayurvedic medicine can operate in a completely natural way. It offers a wide range of herbs for both internal and external use; all this finds great affinity with the horse nature, both for the life he leads  and for its gastrointestinal structure that allows an optimal absorption.

If we want to maintain a psycho-physical balance in the horse, Ayurveda brings great benefits. What is applied or ingested is able to reach any kind of tissue in a few minutes, from the coarsest part, the body, to the most subtle parts, the mind and the emotions.

Finally, let’s keep in mind that one of the main reasons why all these therapies have a profound benefit is because animals have a complete lack of ego, which, in human beings, unfortunately, interferes with therapies.

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Antonella Della Torre

After graduating from the Ayurvedic Point School in Milan, for over eleven years in the world of Ayurveda, she has collaborated with several doctors. She is now a professional therapist at the Ayurvedic Ayurvedic Point Center, Corso sempione 63 Milan, Italy.


Milan – October 12th, 2020


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